Hi I'm Miani~ Welcom on board ! You'll find some notes of my adventure in Animal Crossing: New Leaf !
I'll leave my Dream Code as soon as I get the Dream Suite !
I'll certainly post drawings, also don't hesitate to ask anything you want !

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My list of things I want for the next AC game →


  • The ability to change our skin color without having to tan for hours (If you HAVE to have us start off as white, fine, but at the very least it would be awesome if you gave us the ability to do instant tans like how we could use contacts to change our eyecolor
  • Ability to have freckles and…

Introduction of Mayor Mia Page 1/—





What fate does your birthday lead you to…?

Robbed a bank with Redd.. Makes sense actually haha

I got into a fight with Tom Nook OH BOY

had babies with pete….. no

i got into a fight with resetti (who hasnt)

Being stalked by Leif…Omg that is really cuter than creepy.

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In Kadran, the guys have romantic issues i believe /shot

Jacques: Uh? Oh, this net? It’s to catch pretty ladies, ploc ploc !
No, I’m kiddin’, hehe…You don’t doubt that I don’t need it, Mia.

Moose: It seems that romantic guys are the most popular with girls, is it true?!
What does it mean being romantic already?! Wear hoses and recite poems about flowers?!


Jacques: About this subject, Mia, what’s attract you the most to a boy?
So, you like the people who have strong personality, Mia?

Cool, so you must already have fallen in love with me…

· kadran town ·

Moose act like a perv’ sometimes it’s quite creepy OwO’
And Static PFFF So cute even he act quite crude x’D

Moose: Yo Mia ! Would you like to go to my house right now?

Neat ! I’d like to see if your calves have inflated, so go past, babe !

I know one who have been very physically active on the way. May I cook you a protein pick-me-up?

Static: But there’s a shitty seam which is scratching my ass, I’m goint out of my mind, krzzt !

The other day, I was on my couch in front of the tv, like cushy…When I saw an emission…houlà

They talked about a girly thing. Its called the “nail polish”, I believe…

Personally, I don’t really see the interest…But there are girls who are having fun paint their nails, it seems !

They’ve nothing better to do, seriously? As if someone was going to look at them, their nails…

Well you know what? I’m glad I’m not a girl, I’m saying to you! HA HA HA ! Krzzt !

· kadran town ·

Let’s start over~
Aaaah I’m quite satisfied with the map and my current villagers are cute (even if I’m looking for my dream villagers anyway) * v *
Derwin followed me it’s so funny ! XD When I saw him I was like: “Wait…Wait it’s him…Really? Omg STALKER!” LMAO.
There is Static too ! One of my favourite characters EVER ! I had him in Wild World, I love his personnality ! >//A//< And Moose too ! He’s really cool ! 
I’m planning on making my village 50% squirrel and 50% hamsters ! I made a signature so you can see who I currently have and who I would like to get.
I’ll let you know when one of my villager are moving. 
I’m having some issues with the 018-0512 problems so right now I can’t invit or travel ; A ; I’m working on it !

· kadran town ·
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