Hi I'm Miani~ Welcom on board ! You'll find some notes of my adventure in Animal Crossing: New Leaf !
I'll leave my Dream Code as soon as I get the Dream Suite !
I'll certainly post drawings, also don't hesitate to ask anything you want !


I just got my Dream Suite, so I’m going to travel and take screenshots OwO
First trip: Starbell town ! The decoration is so lovely aaaaah really inspiring ! * A * And your characters are so cute pffffff ! *all doki doki haha!*

I particulary liked Yujiro’s house, and how you managed to create a good disposition of paths and locations. I didn’t get lost, there was neither too much neither too fewer things, perfect ;D <33.

Also, I loved to see that Kabuki recognized me even if it was a dream XDDD.

Luna: Welcome to the sweet dreamer world…You’re actually dreaming of the Starbell town.
"Hmm hmm…So here was what it contained."
Kabuki: This night, I dreamed that someone, who looked exactly like you, came to see me !]

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    NGH THIS IS SO CUTE KABOOKS TALKING FRENCH (´ε` )♡ hgnghgngnn mon dieu
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